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The first professional online used cars classified in China.

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We are now offering Free Classified Ad placement in Guangzhou city and major cities in Guangdong Province for Chinese used car, Japanese used car, American used car and European used cars of the following brands:

- Acura
- Alfaromeo
- Audi
- Buick
- Cadillac
- Chevrolet
- Chrysler
- Citroen
- Corvette
- Daewoo
- Daihatsu
- Ferrari
- Fiat
- Ford
- Honda
- Hummer
- Hyundai
- Infiniti
- Isuzu
- Jaguar
- Jeep

- Kia

- Land-Rover
- Lexus
- Lincoln
- Maserati
- Mazda
- Mercedes-Benz
- Mercury
- Mini
- Mitsubishi
- Nissan
- Oldsmobile
- Opel
- Peugeot
- Pontiac
- Porsche
- Renault
- Rolls-Royce
- Saturn
- Scion
- Seat
- Subaru
- Suzuki
- Toyota
- Volkswagen
- Volvo

To place your free classified ad with photo, just select the desired car brand from the above list and click on the "list your Car" link to fill the publication form, and we will call you back between 24 hours to set an appointment with our photographer. Your car will be listed in the next 24 in the desired category sorted by Year, Price and Publication Date


We are also offering our free classified ads service for; Used Vans, Used Minivans, Used Taxi, Used Pickup, Used Trucks, Used Trailers, Used Buses, Used Working vehicles, Used Recreational Vehicles and Used Moto.

This offer is valid only for Guangzhou City's residents and Major City's residents in Guangdong Province. We will soon offer our used car classified service in Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai and all Major Cities in Mainland China.



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